Tator Tots

Tator Tots

Discover the Best Tater Tots at Grill’d in Bixby, Oklahoma

If you’re in Bixby, Oklahoma, and have a craving for some crispy, delicious tater tots, Grill’d is the place to be. Conveniently located at 12908 S Memorial Drive, Grill’d is renowned for its wide array of fast food offerings, with tater tots being a standout item on their menu. Here’s why Grill’d should be your go-to destination for tater tots:

1. Perfectly Crispy and Golden

At Grill’d, tater tots are fried to a perfect golden brown, achieving the ideal balance of crispy exterior and tender interior. Each bite delivers a satisfying crunch followed by a soft, flavorful center, making them an irresistible treat for any time of the day.

2. Made from Quality Ingredients

Grill’d is committed to using high-quality ingredients, and their tater tots are no exception. Made from premium potatoes and cooked in top-grade oil, these tots are prepared with care to ensure the best taste and texture. This commitment to quality is a hallmark of Grill’d’s approach to all their menu items.

3. Variety of Toppings and Styles

One of the exciting aspects of dining at Grill’d is the variety of ways you can enjoy their tater tots. Whether you like them plain, with a sprinkle of salt, or loaded with toppings like cheese, bacon, and jalapeños, there’s a version for every preference. Their loaded tater tots are particularly popular, combining all your favorite flavors into one delicious dish.

4. Great as a Side or Main Dish

While tater tots make a fantastic side dish, complementing burgers, sandwiches, and wraps, they can also be enjoyed as a main course. The generous portions and the option to customize with various toppings make them a versatile choice for any meal. Pair them with Grill’d’s famous Philly Steak Sandwich or Theta Burger for a complete and satisfying meal.

5. Family-Friendly Dining Experience

Grill’d offers a warm and welcoming environment, perfect for family dining. The friendly staff and cozy atmosphere make it a great place to bring the kids, who will undoubtedly love the crispy tater tots. The restaurant’s commitment to excellent customer service ensures a pleasant experience for diners of all ages.

6. Convenient Location and Hours

Located in the heart of Bixby, Grill’d is easily accessible and open from Monday to Saturday, 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch, a hearty dinner, or a tasty snack, Grill’d is ready to serve you. You can dine in, order for pickup, or take advantage of delivery services through platforms like DoorDash and Grubhub.

7. Positive Customer Reviews

Customer feedback highlights the quality and taste of the food at Grill’d, with many patrons praising the tater tots specifically. Reviews often mention the perfect crispiness, the delicious toppings, and the overall satisfying dining experience. These positive testimonials reflect Grill’d’s dedication to providing excellent food and service.

8. Commitment to Freshness

Grill’d ensures that all their food is prepared fresh to order. This commitment to freshness is particularly evident in their tater tots, which are always served hot and crispy. By maintaining high standards in food preparation, Grill’d guarantees a delicious and fresh product every time you visit.

More Than Just Tater Tots

While tater tots are a highlight at Grill’d, their menu offers a variety of other delicious options:

  • Burgers: From classic cheeseburgers to the unique Theta Burger, Grill’d burgers are juicy, flavorful, and cooked to perfection.
  • Sandwiches: The Philly Steak Sandwich is a crowd favorite, packed with tender steak, sautéed onions, and melted cheese.
  • Shawarma: For those craving a taste of the Middle East, the Beef Shawarma Wrap is a delicious option.
  • Sides and Snacks: In addition to tater tots, Grill’d offers crispy fries, onion rings, and fresh salads.

Visit Grill’d Today

Next time you’re in the mood for tater tots or any other fast food delight, make sure to visit Grill’d in Bixby, Oklahoma. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, Grill’d promises a satisfying and enjoyable dining experience. Check out their full menu, place an order online for delivery, or drop by to savor their delicious offerings in person.

For more information, visit Grill’d’s official website and explore their menu and services. Treat yourself to the best tater tots in Bixby, Oklahoma, at Grill’d – where quality, taste, and great service meet.


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