Best Smashburgers in Tulsa

Find the Best Smashburgers in Tulsa and Bixby, OK at Grill-D

Looking for the perfect smashburger in Tulsa or Bixby, Oklahoma? Look no further than Grill-D, home of the smashburger. Located at 12908 S Memorial Drive in Bixby, OK Grill-D has a ton of smashburgers to choose from. In this post we’ll tell you what makes Grill-D’s smashburgers so good, show you the menu and why this local favorite is your go to for fast food.

What is a Smashburger?

A smashburger is a burger preparation method where the beef patty is pressed or “smashed” onto a hot griddle, creating a caramelized crust on the outside and keeping the inside juicy and flavorful. This method brings out the natural flavors of the beef and gives you crispy edges and tender, juicy meat.

What makes Grill-D’s Smashburgers special

Grill-D takes the smashburger to the next level with high quality ingredients and a process. Each burger at Grill-D has double meat patties so it’s a filling meal. The patties are smashed to perfection giving you a crust that locks in the juices so every bite is savory.

Fresh: Grill-D uses the freshest ingredients available. From the beef patties to the vegetables and condiments everything is sourced to give you the best flavor and quality (Grill-D) (Grill-D).

Balanced Flavors: Fresh ingredients, perfectly cooked patties and carefully chosen toppings make Grill-D’s smashburgers different.

Variety and Customization: Grill-D has a ton of burger options so you can choose your toppings and customize to your liking. Classic or adventurous, Grill-D has you covered.

Smashburger Menu at Grill-D

The Grill’d Burger: This is a local favorite. Double meat patties, American cheese, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and Grill-D’s special sauce. Fresh vegetables and tangy special sauce brings out the beef flavor (Grill-D).

The Classic Onion Burger: If you like a little crunch and flavor in every bite the Classic Onion Burger is a must try. Double meat patties, American cheese, grilled onion strings, pickles and mustard. The grilled onion strings add a sweet and savory flavor that pairs perfect with the juicy beef patties (Grill-D).

The Mushroom Swiss Burger: Mushroom fans will love the Mushroom Swiss Burger. Double meat patties, Swiss cheese, grilled mushrooms and mayo. The earthy flavor of the grilled mushrooms with the creamy Swiss cheese and juicy beef is a match made in heaven (Grill-D).

The Theta Burger: For something different try the Theta Burger. Double meat patties, cheddar cheese, onion rings and hickory BBQ sauce. The smoky and tangy BBQ sauce, the crispy onion rings and sharp cheddar cheese make this a winner (Grill-D).

The Chicken Burger (Regular or Spicy): If you’re in the mood for chicken the Chicken Burger at Grill-D won’t let you down. Available in regular and spicy the burger has a fried chicken breast, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and your choice of cheese—Whiz, Provolone or American. The spicy version has an extra kick that pairs well with the fresh vegetables and chicken (Grill-D).

Sides to go with your Smashburger

A great burger isn’t complete without great sides. Grill-D has a variety of sides to go with their smashburgers so you have a complete meal.

Grill’d Style French Fries: Not your average fries. Seasoned with sumac Grill-D’s French fries have a tangy flavor that pairs perfect with the rich flavor of a smashburger (Grill-D) (Grill-D).

Onion Rings: Crispy and golden Grill-D’s onion rings add a nice crunch to your smashburger. A popular choice to add some extra texture to your meal (Grill-D).

Tator Tots: For a classic and comforting side try Grill-D’s tator tots. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside these bite sized potato nuggets are a great addition to any smashburger (Grill-D).

Hummus and Pita: If you want something lighter the hummus and pita is the way to go. The creamy hummus and soft pita bread is a nice contrast to the hearty smashburger (Grill-D).

Tabouli: For a Mediterranean flavor try the tabouli at Grill-D. This fresh salad made with parsley, tomatoes and a light lemon dressing is a bright and zesty side that balances the richness of the smashburger (Grill-D).

Combo Options: To make your meal even easier Grill-D has combo options where you can add fries and a 20 oz drink to your smashburger for a complete meal at a great price (Grill-D) (Grill-D).

Why Grill-D for your Smashburger?

Convenient Location and Hours: Located in the middle of Bixby, OK Grill-D is easy to get to for both Tulsa and Bixby residents. They are open Monday through Saturday 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM so you can get your smashburger for lunch, dinner or a quick bite anytime (Grill-D) (Grill-D).

Online Ordering and Delivery: Grill-D has online ordering through DoorDash and UberEats. Whether you want to dine in, take out or have your meal delivered Grill-D has you covered. You can get your favorite smashburger from the comfort of your home or office (Grill-D) (Grill-D).

Great Service: The staff at Grill-D are super friendly and attentive. Whether you’re a regular or a first timer they want to make sure your experience is great. That’s just one of the many reasons Grill-D is a local favorite (Grill-D) (Grill-D).

Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Grill-D has many 5 star reviews from happy customers. From the food to the service customers rave about their experience at Grill-D. Many mention the smashburgers and the atmosphere as reasons why they keep coming back (Grill-D).

Stop by today!

In Tulsa or Bixby, OK and want a smashburger? Grill-D is the place. With many burger options, great sides and a focus on quality and service Grill-D has it all. Check out their menu and order online at Grill-D’s website and try it out for yourself.

So Grill-D is not just a restaurant, it’s a smashburger destination. Whether you live around the area or just passing through stop by and get a meal. Enjoy!


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